Buddhism: Blueprint for a New World

Urgyen Sangharakshita Rinpoche with HH the 14th Dalai Lama, Black & White Photo, circa 1960, Northern India or Nepal

Urgyen Sangharakshita with His Holiness The (very youthful) XIV Dalai Lama circa 1960 in northern India or Nepal

Wait, is the one with “A Blueprint for a New World“…with an actual plan to Change the World—I mean true, lasting, real, holistic, complete social progressiveness/social reform, by one of e the greatest  visionaries of modern times, Urgyen Sangharakshita? His Blueprint for a New World, as outlined in the book “The Taste of Freedom” and “Buddhism for a New World“… with those “Team-Based Right-Livelihood Businesses” (TBRL’s), intentional residential communities, an Ecumenical Buddhism: an Ecumenical Approach to the Study/Practice of Buddhism/Buddha-Dharma (Ecumenical, not Eclectic, as ecumenical Buddhism is the approach that seeks commonality, solidarity, to identify which of Buddha’s Teachings Unify the various schools of Buddhism—What fundamentals of the Dharma/Dhamma are agreed upon and Universally accepted by all various sects, schools, vehicles of Buddhism? In fact, there is both tremendous commonality and variety, depending upon that which one seeks The One Buddha’s Dharma (The Buddha’s Dhamma) and there is One Thread or String that Ties, Links all of the various Teachings of the Buddha, that remains constant among all the major or Schools of Buddhism. As opposed to the term “Eclectic Buddhism,” a name that technically implies: 1) that there are multiple “Buddhisms” which, at their cores, are fundamentally different forms of Buddhism; and 2) the term further implies that one is picking and choosing, incongruous bits from this and that, which one creates their own, or new type Dharma, or Buddhism via piecemeal    those core elements that are found in all of the different schools of Buddhism Buddhadharma / Buddha-Dharma / Buddhadhamma / Buddha-Dhamma all of which are “truer” names for what we call “Buddhism”  what Western Buddhist Order (The Triratna Buddhist Order & Triratna Buddhist Community), the Navayana School of Buddhism, the New Vehicle or Sangha: a Western Buddhist Sangha joined equally with the Indian Dalit Buddhist Sangha… The Fourth Vehicle (yana) of Buddhism, Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Navayana Sangha  Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (1891 – 1956), popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, (or more commonly referenced, hailed & as a greeting “Jai Bhim!“and such?

I know I’ve read it, I have a dogeared copy in my library…It’s my favorite Sangharakshita “Title”, of that much I am sure—I mean it’s literally my favorite title of his books—not my favorite of his books. I mean that literally, too—not in the colloquial sense of an understated criticism, or reverse hyperbole (if there is such thing, linguistically, as a “hypobole,” I’d be happy to use it. Then again, simply using the hyperbole adverbial form, i.e. hyperbolic, confuses enough people).

Anyhow, I don’t give five-star reviews ,to Sangharakshita, or anyone else, unless it truly, at some point in time, was Mind-Blowing (now, that’s figuratively speaking, just FYI), and substantially contributed to, or precipitated a major paradigm shift. ‘Not my favorite…’ may well be my second favorite, but this much I know, this book inspired me to strive to build—dare to dream—commit to an effective blueprint for idealism-in-action, taking definitive action…to create the life, the society, the world of which all-at-some-point-Dream, but that most never make it ‘out of the gate.’
And, Because, they don’t have the Perfect-Vision, aka Right Understanding, Right Effort, Right Action…Emotion, Speech, Livelihood, Mindfulness, Samādhi, and assistance, guidance, help with translation/interpretation, mentorship, structure, or Effective Blueprints… Because, “Be Kind, For Everyone is Fighting A Hard Fight”…and anyone that “Dares to Dream,” Dares to be Different, anyone that’s even potentially going to Rock the Boat, or is maverick enough…Anyone that Dares to actually commit…to Stand Their ground….not dip your toe, but dive-right-in…making a decision to walk ‘The Razor’s Edge,’ and do so ‘Without A Net’*…risk it all, on the Road Less Travelled,’…<b><i>EVERYONE NEEDS EVERY BIT OF HELP THEY CAN FIND…And Certainly Does Not Need Any Disinformation; or Half-Baked Good Intentions, ground in Ignorance and Delusion—And This Is Why the significance and necessity of having direct access to one in whom “SUPER-MUNDANE INSIGHT” has arisen/been achieved, cannot be impressed upon enough, as an ESSENTIAL Component, For all those that seek the TRUTH…or are considering to commit to this Path—The Razor’s Edge—it can be brutal, and worse than deadly, without a proper Guide, Path, and Map (or Blueprint)</i></b>

PS: I Can Absolutely, Unequivocally Swear to the Legitimacy of Sangharakshita’s Insight, Understanding, Interpretation, Blueprint, Vision, METHOD & MEANS to guide one from Hell to TRUE INSIGHT, Emptiness Śūnyatā/Suññatā , Wisdom Prajñā/Paññā, No-Self Anātman/Anattā, Satori, Dhammacakkhu, Ariya-Puggala, Paramārtha Bodhicitta, “Enlightenment” Stream-Winning, Stream-Entrant, Arya-Sangha, Ariya-Sangha Sotapanna, Sotāpanna (not anuttarā samyak-saṃbodhi / anuttarā sammā saṃbodhi), but, once the Dharma-Eye is open, well, purified Karma, karma-formations, volitional karmic momentum, Samskāra/Sankāra, are still unimaginably substantial, and also, it’s an unimaginably grande “Awakening”… precisely as described in both the Pāli Canon and Prajñā Pāramitā Sutras….


The Vision is Alive, Well, and what’s of greatest import, it has unequivocally and definitively proven Successful —bore the ultimate fruit–there’s no more definitive proof than the “scientific method.” By recreating the conditions, as essentially guided by Sangharakshita, and producing precisely the same results (Not all the results, but the exact groupings and benchmarks as were hailed by Gautama Buddha’s Sangha— as the advanced stages of the Path are empirically defined in the Pāli Canon and poetically defined in the Prajñā-Pāramitā Sutras, and thus:
To anyone, anywhere, with any doubt or skepticism or criticism as to efficacy and validity or “lineage” of Urgyen Sangharakshita Rinpoche**, or his method, interpretation and application, I say: Pratītyasamutpāda, = The Proof is the Pudding! It clearly Works, and I don’t see it producing the desired effect in many, regardless of ethnicity, school ,monasticism or not… Let’s be Objective about this: “Here’s the Proof” that this Works…Now, instead of finding fault, why don’t try to get some SuperMundane Insight/JOIN THE Dhammacakkhu, Ariya-Puggala, Paramārtha Bodhicitta</u></i></b>


* Without A Net Is REALITY…BUT, It IsNot ‘Blind Faith,’ it is an Experientially Informed Faith, a Confidence, an Earned-Though-Not-Purely-Rational-Trust, or Śraddhā or Saddhā (Sanskrit then Pāli terms for what is very often translated as “Faith,” but which should not be confused with a “Blind Faith”…as I’ve attempted to make clear, here)


** 2004  After working personally with Urgyen Sangharakshita, Neal Warren (a.k.a. Dharmachari Sārajit) visits Chetral Rinpoche, Sangharakshita’s last living teacher, and is introduced by him and Yangsi Dudjom Rinpoche into the Concise Recitation of the New Treasure of Dudjom as Chetral Rinpoche calls their spiritual friend “Sangharakshita Rinpoche.”

Emptiness, No-Self, Stream-Entry, Bodhicitta, Mettā-Insight-Prajñā = One

The 3 Refuges/ Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha for Refuge I go!
Ti-ratana ti-sarana (and just a couple of Precepts, Just posting for no real reason… I have videos of of dong Puja’s,  Guided Meditations.

Dharma Talks, etc, but this Blog has been about my own recording of the process of Integrating and assimilating after the experience of Breaking the first 3 fetters,
The months of bliss, then months of rearranging of “energies” things moving around,  and  (four months without any sleep, or any fatigue, or dark-eyes,

everything changed, but the was the 12-18 months, after the original, or immediate 5-6 months of uninterrupted bliss, which was “tuned upside-down”…
It’;s a very bizarre place to be, so close,  and yet in some ways ‘light-years’ from what it termed mundane versus supra-mundane.
I have written about it extensively, although much I only wrote, and didn’t post or publish in any way.

That’s a juxtaposition,  compared with also , now that one “Sees” with Right-View, it true that the experience absolutely,  radically changes one, and that does not fade, or just ‘blend in’
And if you live you whole life believing what you see, understanding the concept,  understanding it ‘profoundly’ but when it arises, at least I know one experience, fully and directly,  it’s instantaneous,
And one minute you’re a Wave, the next “you” are Gone, and not just Ocean, the clouds and rivers,  and solar flares, the wind and rain,  everything and nothing…
No matter how many time one says it…it’s not true,  there is no Unconditional Love in the conditioned reality,  but what arises ,Insight and Metta,  energy, radiant mind, yet you see how close and how totally off the mark most people are, learnignto speak, like a 2 year old,  and overflowing with one unconditional Love, Wisdom,  Emptiness,  No-Self,  it’s a miracle…but it’s not at all, it’s a perfect symphony of Pratītya-samutpāda!

But what else is seen with the Clear radiant mind,  is other False-Views, these Samskāras, Karma/kamma and vipāka, and intense absorption of mental states,
and the “little” ways that worked and rationalized before, or were unaware of, are keenly aware. I believe it probably overwhelms some, and they do whatever…Shinzen Young was talking about a book, today (on video)

about a photographer that went around,  finding homeless people that are just in the full bliss of Śūnyatā, and the story is fascinating.  Shinzen I had met one of these homeless (and the Not the Anagarika, homeless wanderers, but dudes living under the freeway.) He was as someone’s house,  they had “coffee table book” out, he started to look at the photos, and new exactly what the photographer had done.  He was able to get a phone number for the  Photographer,  the guy answered (he had also mentioned that this book has some reviews from someone, or people quite famous) the artist answers the phoned, and Shinzen tells him why he’s calling, and that he ‘knows’ what his book is about.  The Photographer was surprised and asked ‘sure,  tell me, then?’

The Photographer was floored by  Shinzen’s response; “You are first person, ever, in all the showings with artist and collectors and critics, and many,  many people offering their thoughts,  no one had a clues, and go around the country,  searching for those homeless Ariyan-Sangha members, with the look in their eye, but had Entered the Stream, Stream-Enterers, Stream-Entrants, ‘Stream-Winners’ and sotāpanna,  that “topically” had no idea what had happened to them, other than the;r minds were in extreme suffering,  and just :Cracked”, into Emptiness. (Which is not unlike what happened to me, but I had 20 years of practice, 16 since joining community, living in ‘Ecumenical Buddhist Seminary” as I refer to it (and it really quite fitting,  I learned recently that is a “Buddhist Seminary” int the US. somewhere (one of only 2 universities that offers this Minister (Naropa is not one, I don’t think…now my eyes have had enough Computer Screen… Rev Danny Fisher went to the one… that’s not University of the Pacific, but something similar sounding, in Southern CA.

Well , that was awesome training,  as was the ecumenical part, and seeing what shared by all traditions,  not what’s different.  And it showed the Arisen Bodhicitta is the exact same event as Stream-Entry, and everything else clear The Dharma, Dhamma on Insight is a a whole new breed! Well, I may not publish this, because I am working hard on a book,  and it’s not a “simple spiritual book” or all subjective, but it’s Mythic, and there’s a who;e loot of drugs, sex and more drugs and sex (and rock and roll) and a long time of bad times, and the Dharma,  and what I did was Psychoanalysis, not psychotherapy, but Real Psychoanalysis (5 days/week) and this Bardo I was in, half Enlightened, half not ,which was extra clear withe he half that was (Obviously,  this talk of half being this and that, is figurative) just explaining why is was super intense, and with the Psychoanalysis ,Karma purification, childhood traumas,  conflicting energies,  I went from Bardo,  to thrust into significantly farther on the path (another level of the

The Buddha and His Dhamma

The Buddha and His Dhamma Living in Paradox, Psychoanalysis, Stream-Entry & Arisen Bodhicitta/ Bodhisattva are 2 aspects of One experience. , One Buddhadhamma

, but that’s not the point, not really, butt nat a those axtra powerful times, and line doubles-up on the effort, and strikes while the iron is hot…can have Huge, catalyzing effects!

Namo buddhāya
Namo dhammāya
Namo saṅghāya
Namo nama


Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Buddhaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Dhammaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Saṅghaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi

Dutiyampi buddhaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Dutiyampi dhammaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Dutiyampi saṅghaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi

Tatiyampi buddhaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Tatiyampi dhammaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Tatiyampi saṅghaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi

Pāṇātipātā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṁ samādiyāmi
Micchādassanā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṁ samādiyāmi

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

David gegen Goliath

“David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell Why Underdogs Actually Do Win..the Art of Battling Giants

Malcolm Gladwell has a blog

Malcolm Gladwell  Author of “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants” Review by Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani   and GoodReads

[book:David and Goliath|18393609][author:Malcolm Gladwell|1439][bookcover:David and Goliath|18393609][authorimage:Malcolm Gladwell|1439]

This Official review in the queue….

Deeply enjoyed this work, but anything less from Malcolm Gladwell would surprise a significant section of the population. As “Pinky” says in “The Wall:” “I have amazing powers of observation.” Gladwell’s intelligence and talent for written communication is overtly obvious. However, his ability to strip the message and meaning to clearly, and concisely convey complex concepts, is what Einstein called “True Genius.” In referring to the way one conceptualizes and assimilates an observation, from which one develops a Theory, or Hypothesis, Einstein commented that “anyone” can take a theory and expound upon with greater complexity. But, if one can make a complex theory simpler yet effective, that this is “True Genius!”

Malcolm observes his surroundings, and observes what are so eloquently presented and demonstrates in a Social Commentary so gently and skillfully, that the reader enjoys having their “Personal Views” turned up-side-down, which are often deeply unconscious, false assumptions. Which Malcolm sends ‘flying into the air’ with the effortless-effort of an old Aikido Master. (To which the reader doesn’t recognize what’s occurring until one’s unconscious assumption is observes as it flies through the air, onto its head. one aspect is how Gladwell presents his answer with a Socratic Irony, the likes of which has never been seen. I find it best to explain Socratic irony by example of the last famous Socratic Ironist, Detective Columbo, whom by Gladwell Standard would be confessing to his own murder investigations.

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Journals of No-One, Nowhere…After Enlightenment process: Integration, Assimilation: On Earth, but not Of Earth.

Cover of "The Hero with a Thousand Faces ...

Joseph Campbell: “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” The Universal Phenomena of Elemental Similarity in Myths from all over the World. The story of the Buddha. More recently has been the epic Life Story and journey of Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani. All the excitement, and adventure, a long spiritual journey, the past-ff, the “Returning Home”. and the most intense 18 months of Awakening Integration and Assimilation,  In this world, but not of this world

Yes, yes, yes, and absolutely yes! I hear you, I feel you, I know where you’re coming from. 😊💚

All is perfect, always. the book is in progress, the connection are here, there, and everywhere. I don’t know if, when, or where the Dharma will, or will not move me. but it does not matter where I am, Detroit is as perfect and the same as anywhere. (If i had my novel completed, I’d send it to you, the story is great, a true mythic tale, with all the sweet, savory, sour, salty and no shortage of spicy heat. have you read Joseph Campbell‘s “A Hero With A Thousand Faces“? It’s about the Universal Hero’s Myth, and like the collective unconsciousness, the same form of Archetypal Myths have existed in all cultures, long before any contact was made between them. One of those “things” that is simply an Absolute Truth, transcending space and time,

That’s exactly what it is, with radical extremes, an epic 30+ year year “battle” and hedonism, nihilism, drugs, sex, rock and roll, with all the extreme highs and lows, a journey through the world of Conditioned, to the World of unconditioned, Transcendental Awakening, then the whole process of integrating and assimilating Reality, with reality, and the process of bringing the discovery back to benefit others.

it’s a trip! Spending my adult life, over 20 years seeking the unattainable. Lots of funny shenanigans, and paradox of all paradoxes. The process of integrating and assimilating has been much more that the previous 28 years, within 18 months. It’s been about 2 years of life after dying, the energy, clear, radiant mind…that is/was not any caffeine or sugar, nor a though or feeling in anyway, other than complete absorption, focused, integrated. This is, now, ‘civilization outside of Earth. The difference is just an illusion, like “smoke and mirrors….”

I’m no more in Detroit, on Earth than I am “me.” Ultimately there is no self or other, no ting or place. Empty, No-one, Nothing. but, that’s an experience. Words can be helpful, and they hinder. I can’t not be authentic, and everything is, and always has been, perfectly in place. That’s not a belief, a paradigm, perspective, or perception, it’s actually quite the opposite. I am all me… and the paradox of being all me, all time, everywhere, is that there is no “Me” and nowhere. It’s ineffable, and another paradox 9being conformable with with the paradoxes and embracing the Truth is integrating and assimilating. Which also involved “purification of a whole lot of karma-vipāka. the paradox is now I am beyond happy, beyond healthy, and it doesn’t ebb and flow, there is no energy caught up in conflicting thought feeling ,wants, desires, conscious or subconscious. I am a million-fold better, more, whole, full ,authentic, free, spontaneous, tireless, effortless-effort, with Love and Wisdom that’s unlike anything I ever conceived of, i am a billion-fold More, whole, full, authentically “me” now…the best paradox of all, being infinitely more, better, “me” and accomplish more in a day than i would in a year (without sugar or caffeine 😉) it’s beyond words…and it’s the best paradox/irony of all…the authentic “me” is :Nothing” no-one, Empty! The best possible me is no-me. So, if that is confusing, then forget about it. I am more Wuving than ever imagined, and more wuvable, A diamond with innumerable facets, shining one truth with infinite expressions, the same diamond, just infinitely faceted, (I thought multifaceted was “deep”…but that’s all an “I” can do, inherently limited by certain parameters.)

And that’s just it , none of it is paradoxical. there is not Enlightened person ,only Enlightened activity. I was not Enlightened, and no one ever has been or will be. The moment of Awakening is the death of “self”. Empty and Nothing are not nihilistic. being Empty of a “self” is to be one with everything. To truly ‘know thyself” is to Nothing, to truly what “I” am is to see that “I” am not, never was, nor will be.

I can can explain what it is, exactly and how it works, how the illusory perception of “self” and :other” is done..It’s fascinating! It’s just 5 converging factors (the 5 Skandhas), all in constant fluctuation, which arise from conditions, and there are 5 types of causes (the 5 Niyamas), 5 types, but innumerable factors. It is truly an “optical illusion”…and to understand, you have to experience, but there’s some value in the information. (Should to ever awake from the dream, without some foundation ,it’s rather “startling” to put it lightly. But it does happen, i had heard of it, but ti made no sense, really. I saw it happen to someone, and there’s a “name” for it…that i just learned, from a Psychiatrist. That’s a trip! But       that’s neither here, not there.

As for connecting with people, etc. I totally agrees. And although I don’t question the value of the work put into it, and who or what it might impact ,and when. And that’s fine. But, the intimate connection is the best communication. (This is hardly a conversation…if you know what I mean?

And ,cultivating, opening, that’s how the magic is shared. So, perhaps we can chat together, sometime. I’m easy to get ahold of, and communicate everyday with some great people… and the Dharma Page is still growing, and yet, I stopped that stuff…the general Blogging and Posting to ‘everyone and no one’ (the lower-case everyone and no one, that’s relative, duality, mundane, etc., totally different words with initial capitals; so that empty and Empty couldn’t be more different in the reality to which they point/label. There are now almost exactly 10,000, all together ,but it doesn’t mean anything, most are just “there” (or not “Here” is more accurate.) I have all the people to connect with, in total intimacy, vulnerability, truly Unconditional Love…because it may happen at this conditioned level, but it radiates out into the Unconditioned, that which is cannot be seen with these eyes…what remains when the self dies/passes away, is beyond words. but Wisdom and infinite, Universal, Unconditional Love is a way of saying it. The “problem” with that is that these are concepts that everyone has some attachment to…which is an example of words can be more of a hinderance than a help. Anyhow, i am out of here, to another Realm… (it is very literally a Real of a different universe…(the Dharmakaya) funny you should mention such things.) 😘💕💞💓💗🌀🌍💚😊🙏


Enlightened Science: Technology & Meditation

Cover of "The Science of Enlightenment"

Cover of The Science of Enlightenment

The US Department of Defense is pushing for the development of cheap, wearable systems that can detect the brain waves of people and display the data on smartphones or tablets. His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, Enlightened American Buddhist Meditation Master Teacher & Author, (Ordained in 1970, in the Shingon Buddhist Tradition, of Japan) Shinzen Young is also a Scientist, Mathematician, Shinzen proposes such a device for Meditative Biofeedback, in his book: “The Science of Enlightenment” and elaborates the potential how and why such a device could, and why it should be designed, built, made affordable, portable, and accessible to be utilized to streamline the Enlightenment process (Not in anyway inconsistent with the Buddha’s Dharma, but applying available technology to how and where it can optimize (not a ‘magical shortcut,’) benefitting performance, assisted with advanced technology, for the most Noble of All Intentions, & the Wisdom to apply it effectively!
Biofeedback is nice for “pre-test anxiety” ,and other issues….but this is application and allocation is lacking Real Insight. The implications of Enlightened implementation and design of technology…If there ever was a more realistic and wise approach to addressing any and all “problems”…this is a Transcendental Solution. The paradox is that the deluded minds are not even aware of the levels and nuances of corrections possible, nor the actual issues to addressing. The real issue is the False View that the Egalitarian Ideal we fight so hard to “prove and uphold” is based on a “delusion.” (Technically it is delusion, although there is no judgment of “pathology,” it’s the technical phenomenon of an illusory perception of separateness, dualism. This is all duality, Insight is experiencing directly the non-dual Reality (Emptiness, Śūnyatā, constant fluctuation of factors that give the the impression on an independent self, which is No-Self, anātman, anātta, at essence.)
We have equal potential, but, we are all nowhere close to equal actualization of this potential. Pride and attachment to what is “right” is hindering the greater potential for freedom, equality and socio-political evolution. Do I suggest a “Dictatorship, based on one Enlightened Leader? Actually, yes, I do…in theory, but theory and practice are far from reality, furthermore, to put into practice and maintain, I don’t see how it could happen while maintaining “Separation of Church and State,” which is a necessity. Please do not misunderstand, I proactively support, promote and  Equal Rights for All Sentient Beings, I simply know that this would not even be an issue, if the there were an Enlightened Monarchy…Okay ,so my Wikipedia research to recall the traditional Autocracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Dictatorship, Totalitarianism, etc. Well, the US is considered by many critics, and understandably so, a “Corporate Oligarchy” or an “Economic and/or Media Oligarchy”! Furthermore (this shows how little I know of political science) Enlightened Absolutism (a term used throughout Europe  particular Leaders, and Russian Tsar: “Catherine The Great.” Then occurred the evolution into the Age of Enlightenment, which The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, the American War for Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights are considered to have been highly influential in this time…. Go figure! (Well, I don’t anyone would argue that the current State of the Union is remotely similar to Jeffersonian Idealism, or John Adams’ passion for Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment! (I Highly Recommend the Biography “John Adams” written by the popular historian David McCullough. It won a 2002 Pulitzer Prize, and the HBO Mini-Series of the same name, based on the novel, with an amazing amount of Historical depth and detail, and equally as well produced, and acted: starring the great Paul Giamatti. A true FIVE*****STAR film.) Then I read about: Meritocracy is a political philosophy that holds power should be vested in individuals according to merit. Advancement in such a system is based on intellectual talent measured through examination and/or demonstrated achievement in the field where it is implemented. (Sounds very much like the concept I described, but in practicality, it could only be effective built upon a foundation that holds several dramatically significant suppositions. (And, reading how “Osho” tried to instigate such a system is quite frightening of a realization! That’s a whole new story, too.) I learned a lot through this process. I hope any reader will examine their own egalitarian views, or whatever view one may hold that is detrimental, conscious, or not. “My views” are/were both conscious, but with unconscious implications that I now must assimilate and integrate. Try it…it’s AWESOME! Breathe into the Truth, and feel the “mantra:”… “I DON’T KNOW. (just a matter of fact, no identity attached. It’s quite liberating. 😊💚🙏
   On that note, I adamantly and proactively promote gender, ethnic, racial, religious, and caste/class equality, and All Living-Rights. (Let me take this moment to ask you to research the fact that there is no Federally mandated nor protection for Equal Rights for Woman (I would prefer this were Not an issue, Living Rights covers gender, race, religion, animals, etc… but this particular issue of equality is relevant at this time. some States have adapted, but did not pass with necessary votes…It was close, but still, three States need to support the Constitutional Amendment Support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). See: ERA Education Project, about the Documentary Film, for video updates and the current press for the new Constitutional Legislation.”Right-Effort” which is dependent upon the most conducive conditions to attain Enlightenment, Nirvana, Nibbana, Satori, Technology. Shinzen Young is uniquely qualified to hypothesize such a design, having developed an extremely high degree of Enlightenment, and also advanced Science understanding (Not an engineer, but a highly Enlightened Scientist. Shinzen understands the conditions, techniques, and intensive practice of meditation for many years to Awaken Bodhi, as well as a sense of how such an application, if used properly, could potentially reduce the chronologic length of time dramatically. (much time is spent honing meditative abilities, and EEG is just one element of technology currently only available at tremendous cost, similar to fMRI machines, making it totally impractical.)
Currently several Universities and Hospitals use such technology, and the Science Professionals are actual mediators, but nowhere near the same understanding of the requirements to go beyond Meditative significance as methods of traditional Allopathic Treatment, and Wellness. This is more of an approach to educate and immerse the practices to Transcendental Insight, and the Supra-Mundane-

Buddhist Biofeedback for more efficient meditation success, more beneficial to All Beings: Portable EEG with Smartphone or Tablet Application, affordable Meditation Biofeedback Device, Dept of Defense seeking Designs

The Next iPhone App for Meditation?
The US Department of Defense is pushing for the development of cheap, wearable systems that can detect the brain waves of people and display the data on smartphones or tablets. His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, & Enlightened American Buddhist Teacher, Meditation Master & Author, (Ordained in 1970, in the Shingon Buddhist Tradition, of Japan) Shinzen Young is also a Scientist, & Mathematician, most of all, Shinzen Proposes such a device for Meditative Biofeedback, (with other technology applied for same purpose) in his book: “The Science of Enlightenment” and proposes; how & why, such a device could & should be designed, built, be affordable, portable, & accessible, for a “Greater Purpose” & utilized to streamline the Enlightenment process…. (Not in anyway inconsistent with the Buddha’s Dharma, simply applying available technology to how and where it can optimize (not a ‘magical shortcut,’) benefitting performance, assisted with advanced technology, for the most Noble of All Intentions, & the Wisdom to apply it effectively! ~Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani, Scientist & Supra-Mundane Insight & Skillful Means.

Wisdom, and the True Intention of Buddhist Meditation is not to treat anxiety and Hypertension, nor prevent Alzheimer’s, from a true Buddha-Dharma perspective, all of these efforts to “advance medical therapies, to add comfort and treat Allopathic Pathology is quite analogous to “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!”

 This is a matter of dramatic, and actually quite drastic re-prioritizing relevant capabilities. This will not be understood from the modern, western medical and academic paradigm, the need for Enlightened Researchers, or at least the guidance and direction requires the one managing efforts have this type of Insight. (It may require a new generation of Highly Spiritually Evolved Scientist (For example, if one understands the education system of Tibetans Buddhist, and the total immersion in Dharma & Meditation, from the age of 6, 8, 10 years old, year-round, residential conditions are highly conducive to producing Insight…if this approach was blended with what many other children begin to establish a career as the “brightest ,young minds at MIT or Cal Tech, and if one could train our children in both…THIS is the level of commitment ideally needed, and breadth and depth of training which has hitherto been, literally, unheard of, but the type of education and training that, from the perspective of one with Insight, could not be of greater importance. And could be the chance to truly use Enlightened Technology, designed, produced, and organized in a manner that could significantly alter the course of the World, and which may be the ONLY Wise use of bright, young minds, with the propensity for Spiritual Evolution.
Our Egalitarian Views, so coveted as our “advanced society” is a False-View. (We all have the same potential, but by no means are we are equal in the actualization, there of. These coveted, grossly delusional (illusory perception) views may be the downfall of the entire Human species, and the rest of the Earth with it.😟
Shinzen references the state of the World, and that perhaps if everyone who seeks Enlightenment were to commit to practice with full earnestness, this often takes 40, 50 years, and the International Affairs calls into question, the State of International Crisis, and the notion that 50 years may pose impractical, due to the state of political, violent aggression, and environmental crises, compassion, of one aspect of One acting for the sake of Empty Reality, and knowing that THIS ls “attainable”… if utilized…the Tipping Point/Critical Mass could be reached so much more efficiently, with so much less, unnecessary suffering.

Meditation Biofeedback device that’s effective and affordable is brilliant, with profound, potential implications (originally hypothesized by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama and Shinzen Young (Shinzen Young  discusses potential of this *general kind* of, effective & available to the general population, EEGs & fMRI-type go results, facilitating a Biofeedback device for greatly increased efficacy in Meditative/Spiritual Awakening practices. *Also noting that there is “magic bullet” or anything inconstant with Pratityasamutpada,  Paticcasamuppada (The Law of “Dependent-Origination” the Causality, “Conditioned-Coproduction” or “Dependent-Origination.”) Simply put; it’s not too good to be true, or something from nothing, just optimized effort and feedback, only improving efficacy dramatically…Ethics, Meditation & Wisdom aren’t “bypassed or shortcut” only efficiency & effectiveness…although these impacts could reduce linear timeframe incredibly…%10 to %1 of linear time are purely speculative, although not unreasonable, according to Shinzen Young’s hypothesis, which he adamantly & clearly states is not simply speculative…but feasible!

My own life experience in Meditation, Insight, passionate life-long fascination, education and continuing education in Neuroscience; Neurophysiology , Neuropsychology  & Neuroplasticity  which has been a lifelong fascination, double-majoring in Medical Physiology and Psychology was, at the time, a stepping-tone to medical school, and Neurology…but opted for “Buddhist Seminary” instead of medical school. Shinzen Young is a “little different” (that’s an understatement) He did not do well, and failed math, but entered a Shingon Buddhist Monastery, in Japan. I find  Shinzen’s book a true “breakthrough” in Buddhist, Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, and as an expression of the Awakened Mind, with wonderful piercing Vajra Wisdom (Diamond..or Lightening, but here it means Diamond, radiant, clear, extremely multifaceted) and SOLID, Hard, Science Methodology: “The Science Of Enlightenment ”  to be penetrating, perceptive, profoundly inspiring and extensively, far-reaching, and  brilliantly assimilated treatise on Supra-Mundane Wisdom of the Enlightened Mind, cohesive, and eloquently expounded upon with the foundation of  Advanced Scientific logic and thoroughness!

(Example: My dad and brother are both attorneys, and one sentiment I have heard repeatedly is one that I relate to myself, only with an education in one of the Hard Sciences in counterpart. They have often said that Law School does not really teach one: “how  to be an Attorney” but; “how to Think like an Attorney.” After a “Pre-Med degree, and all the chemistry and physics and mathematics, and the Biology, foundations, plus my emphasis, is a *lot* of serious science courses…and I just recalled how my professor for a full-year of Statistics and then Probability Mathematics, summed it up well. He said: ‘If you walk away from this course and forget everything, and can’t tell a “median” from an “average”, that does not really matter. What I want you know is when you read a “Statistic” in the News, or anyplace, you understand what it is saying.”   I can honestly say that it had a profound impact on how I process “statistics” as often cited in “popular society” i.e. ‘This New model has a %145 more horsepower!’ The number doesn’t even register before I am looking for the asterisk* to see “..More than WHAT?” “*an engine %145 the size of the new one.” Or whatever absurd vagueness is passed-ft as statistically significant. A science Degree is the same, you forget specifics of The Krebs Cycle, (What is the net-gain of ATP-molecules per cycle?) but you will never think about the “Scientific method” the same, or “Causal and Correlational” or “proven,” etc.like someone without the years of ‘reformatting’ one’s logic to The Scientific Method. (I worked as a Paralegal for years, and Medical Physiologist, and I do give one awesome massage…but that’s not really gained from learning Anatomy and Physiology, that’s a ‘gift’ of some somatic intuition, or intuitive healing. The tears of writing Legally Binding Contracts has helped Socratic Logic, but Not-So-Much an eloquent style of writing! :-/ )😉

If anyone (considering  the Experts in Mind-Body Studies, Mindfulness-Based Medical and Scientific Research, MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) made hugely mainstream through the work, research, teachings and writings of Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD Molecular Biology, and many others, in many ways: Dr Siegel, MD Neuropsychiatrist, or the Neuropsychologists leading these fields, i.e. Drs Hanson, Goleman, (PhD) etc.) is in a position to have the Scientific Knowledge,  Shinzen is not Neurophysiologist, but has some advanced degree, and deep understanding of and Physics, but the real significant factor is the Awakened Mind, or Bodhi, which with a general foundation in Mathematics (It’s ALL Mathematics, after all 😉 but seriously, it is..when it comes to communicating effective abstract logic, reason and modeling formulas, is the foundation for all advanced “hard Science“) and Physics, with a keen interest, at least, in Neuroplasticity and related Meditation and Neurosciences,  and the direct experience of Knowing how and where the “general destination” lays. (I don’t know if he’s = samyaksambodhi, if not, clearly in the upper echelons of Bodhi-ness. I only “have” (experience of…) enough of Transcendental  Insight  (Wisdom) and Neuroscience (Knowledge) to know that of anyone I am aware of, Shinzen Young is the most qualified to make such a reasonable, “educated” & Insightful, broad-ranged, hypothetical assessment. (Not “speculation”…a generalized hypothesis, founded with Direct Knowing of Awakened Mind,   and advanced Science understanding.

The point is that if Dr.Kabat-Zinn knows 100 times more about he Neuroscience, and is a skilled meditator, with extraordinary (literal, beyond or above “ordinary”) wisdom, that magnification, or efficacy of knowing 1/100 (all these numbers are arbitrary, but the formulation being an exponential/logarithmic expression is founded in Experiential Insight, or Wisdom,and is an “educated guesses”…quite different from speculation, which is a guess without any real foundation in facts.) the Neuroscience specifics, is not even close to equal in holistic, integrated, assimilated understanding by he Awakened Mind. which not a gross exaggeration to say that knowledge of science increases relatively linearly (not exactly, but for all intents and purposes of this consideration, the Wisdom element increases mental capacity exponentially, so if Shinzen’s Insight is  degree is 11-fold greater, and neuroscience is 1/100, the wisdom aspect is far more appropriate to describe as 1 x 10^100 (Which is = 1 with 100 Zeros… One Googol) times the depth and breadth of piercing ,radiant, wisdom. (This is not speculation, either, it’s very vague hypothesis, based on experience…although the arbitrary 100 is, well, arbitrary. If I formulated an educated (Transcendental Wisdom and learned/innate Knowledge), knowledge with wisdom would “guesstimate” some exponential Fibonacci NumberFibonacci Sequence, or Number, but exponentially calculated, or applied, none-the-less.

~Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani, Scientist & Supra-Mundane Insight with Skillful Means.

[“The Science of Enlightenment” by Shinzen Young, Enlightened Buddhist Teacher, with profound Meditation experience, Transcendental Insight, Wisdom, experience, Knowledge and Advanced Science and Mathematical Training, penetrates to the essence of What and How the Scientific Method applies to the Buddhadharma and Meditative Insight.]  😊💚🌍🌀🙏


Change the way you look at things, and things you look at change: Gratitude

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•B•R•E•A•T•H•E• FEEL the simple Pleasure of Body Awareness


English: Venerable Hsuan Hua in Hong Kong, 195...

English: Venerable Hsuan Hua in Hong Kong, 1953. Photographer unknown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: a picture to illustrate 'ignore all r...

English: a picture to illustrate ‘ignore all rules’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




•B•R•E•A•T•H•E• FEEL the simple Pleasure of Body Awareness…Feel the Crown of your Hear/top of the skull…As though it has an invisible, little string, gently pulling UP from the Clouds above…ELONGATING your SPINE… SHOULDERS DROP Away, hands rest in your lap,
Feel Your Left Foot…(feel it for a good few moments (Feel your socks, or the whatever is contacting your skin, feel the subtle tingle of Joy…like Electricity, (Prīti) Bliss,


Lower leg, than other, and on up, hips, spine, abdomen, chest, neck, head, the brow/forehead, the jaw, relax it,


(If you have aches and pains…that’s normal. Ignore it! 🙂
(Yes, that’s ABsolutely fine-Ignore, Even Suppress, but the ideal is controlling the focus …if it’s a serious problem… you can tell something isn’t right…OF COURSE, do something! Are you trying to sit in Lotus Position, Vajrasana? Your knees are aching? YES, MOVE…


Sitting in a chair…and you have aches and pains? Ignore them, by focusing on the pleasant feeling that IS THERE/HERE/NOW…Repeat this gently, over-and-over, no matter how often one is distracted, makes No difference.


You ARE Progressing IF You ARe Trying!


Don’t Try Hard, Don’t Go LONGER…More Often, Shorter sits, are Much More effective than less often, but longer.
[If you sit 40 mins per day…10 minutes, 4 times per day is Much better than 40 mins once per day.


If You’re Just Starting? Try 3 minutes?
If that’s not hard, then, tomorrow try 4, if 3 is hard, then try 90 seconds.
THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY WORK! (I know of a woman that Mastered ALL Eight Dhyānas or Jhānas in One Week, and Some whom (I don’t know if they’ve ever experienced 1st Dhyāna…and this person has been a teaching meditation for 30 years…
That is NOT the Point! The “Exalted Staes of consciousness do have some benefit in Awakening…they ALSO have pitfalls…people get Attached (not a “bad addiction, all things considered, but it’s not progress on the Path) to Meditative States, they Cling…I have seen this happen more often than people never have them. (But that’s off point…I was correcting a typo, and whooopsss…⤴⤷↗➹⬁↙↪↶↷ goes the mind.
Gently, return the Object of Meditation. (Like box of kittens, one is always trying to slide out, you don’t get mad, you don’t ‘figure it out’ you gently, repeatedly, as many times necessary ,pick it up…put it back in the box… THAT is SUCESS!


What Does NOT work is FORCING to sit for san HOUR if you’re not used to it…and HATING IT…AND NOT TRYING AGAIN! (THAT is what “kills” most meditation practices…not sitting too short… you will like it, and gradually do more.)


The Object can be your breath, sensing the body, a car alarm, a Buddha Rūpa/Statue, or Image.


WHich will get you to Nirvāna/Nibbāna Faster?
I don’t know…but honestly, if your stick with the Car Alarm (that others are bothered by..and you Simply Feel It, With Mindfulness (I BET YOU’LL BE Enlightened sooner than someone than requires Silence and incense, and a shrine, Vajrasana, and chants ;~))


I use incense and candles and all that…but I also do some great meditating while mowing the lawn, driving the car, brushing my teeth, cleaning ,etc.


(The point isn’t to get conformable on a cushion… the point is that it is “BETTER” to began with, silence, calm surroundings, the “aura” of a shrine room or zendo…can have “good juju” (good energy) or “the placebo effect”…either way, if it Helps…USE IT! [BUT IT IS NOT WHAT MAKES Good Meditation Happen…That Is ALL The MIND] the easier way… because it is More Conducive, easier to cultivate a steady practice under controlled conditions…then you take “Off The Cushion” AND TAKE IT EVERYWHERE!… But for NOW… 30 seconds, then move to the next body part…




But Ignoring, Suppressing, Or simply Ignoring by focusing on the natural, tingling pleasure of the relaxed body…That is GREAT!


Relax that jaw, forehead, neck swivel your neck, GENTLY… around and find that ZERO POINT!
The Balance where Your Spine, Your pelvis, the cushion, the floor, the earth…from the azimuth/Clouds directly above pulling gently on the crown of your head, to sitting bones ,grounded all the ay to the Center of The Earth!


And Just Feel, Keep feeling,
Then relax the mind…
Rest it on Nothing, let go free!


And then do it again, another time,whenever is right.
Remember: 30 Seconds is GOOD! (30 secs, 4 times per day is MUCH BETTER)
3 minutes IS GOOD (3 Mins, 4 times per days, is Much better)
10 is Good (10 Minutes, 4 times per day is Much Better)


[This is all relative. With time you may find a practice that you love doing, it may take 90 minutes to do…and that can’t be broken up…but That is Different.


Sure, when you can access Samādhi and Dhyānas/Jhānas… It may be much more wise to take longer, to access the higher, “exalted” states of consciousness, but Now ,IS NOW.
Now…Feel You Body…Feel your clothes, or a neck;ace, or the bottoms of your feet…touch the floor, or wherever they are (the air, your leg, etc)


Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dhammaya
Namo Sanghaya
Namo nāma
om, āh, hū,


With Body, Speech & Mind…I GO FOR MY REFUGE


To the Buddha.
To the Dharma,
To the Sangha,



Chop Wood, Carry Water. How “I” become “No-One” (another year)

English: Stillness by Eckhart Tolle, on a Park...

English: Stillness by Eckhart Tolle, on a Park bench plaque, facing Sacramento River, Redding CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

•”Before Awakening; chop wood, carry water. After Awakening: chop wood, cary water.”~ Zen Proverb

•“Pay no attention to the faults of others, things done or left undone by others. Consider only what by oneself is done or left undone.” ~ The Buddha, Dhammapada Ch IV V.40

•”Strictly speaking, there are No Enlightened people, only Enlightened activity.”~ Suzuki-roshi

• [Former Personal Story] After many years (Over 20 years…but, how many lives?) of committed Buddha-Dharma practice, as a Spiritual Path to ‘Attaining Liberation’ (from the “desire to Attain”) •Then ≈ 2 years ago, ‘my world ended and I died.’ Truly.
All that remained cannot be be described with any real efficacy. The Buddha, in the Pali Canon, Suzuki-roshi’s quote above is the most eloquent and succinct, the Heart Sutra is equally eloquent, accurate, full description (the main body, not the preamble about Avalokiteshvara talking to Śaripitra, that could not be the same ‘being’ or ‘essence’ that wrote the body: “Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is form… “Emptiness,” “Stream-Entry,” “Breaking the first 3 Fetters to samyak-sambodhi”, maha-vipassāna, “Insight into True Nature of Reality,” are all terms used to describe it. (To be clear, Not: Enlightenment, Nirvāna/Nibbāna, only the beginning of it).
‘No-Self’ (Anātman/anātta) is the remainder…Empty. Śūnyatā

• Paradoxically, I am writing about how “I” came to Experience the Fact/Reality that “I” do not actually exist. (Not as a Separate Entity, not as a Separate Self, not independent of “you,” “computer,” “desk,” “Sun,” “Universe,” etc.)

•Ultimately, (precisely Literal not metaphorical or figuratively, but Truly) there really is No “Me” to describe “About Me.”
There is still Form, Feeling, Perception, Consciousness, & Object of Consciousness.

•Another paradoxic, is how now “I” or “Not I” am Here (or not here! …okay, okay… now I am just having fun with you 🙂
(And FYI, no, I say: I without quotation marks, nor do I go around using “air quotes” all the time! :~)}
Hahahahaaah! aaahhh! • B R E A T H E!!• It’s ALL. So. Damn. FUNNY! Killer Irony..the ultimate Mind-Blowwer!

•Anyhow… A) That’s the point, B) It does Not change the Truth; Everything that is written here is “More Real” that Any “Individual” that can/will/is reading this. Absolutely Truth, (well, putting it into words makes it relative, but the Reality behind the words is Absolute…and More… than “Anyone” can Imagine (fact).
Reality is, Truth is, as absolutely True as 1+1 = 2.

•If you want to know more, I will share anything possible, but words are just ‘signposts’ (labels only work if a common experience is shared, understood, agreed upon, this label ≈ X. As Eckhart Tolle describes with mastery (not that they are original concepts or analogies in general, but regardless, his wrods are genuine, He Is the “Real Deal!” [It takes a Stream-Enterer, or beyond, to truly identify another Stream-Winner/Entrant/Enterer, this is beyond my ability to explain, other than the concept of “resonance”…intuitive…yes, but also physical. If two violins are in-tune, in the same room, and one plucks the (I don’t know anything about music theory, but I do about Physics) “C Chord” (C note?) on one violin, the “C Chord” on the other violin will begin to move…or Resonate, the same key (or Chord, whatever the musical lingo is…) And it takes a Buddha to Identify another Buddha. I don’t know “what/where” Eckhart Tolle “is” on the Buddhadhamma scale; I DO KNOW he is BEYOND Stream-Winner!] As he says; someone can write a dissertation and get a PhD in “Honey”and become the foremost expert on Honey… without every tasting it! (paraphrased) Or the Buddha, who is the Alpha & Omega (The A to Z) of such matters uses the analogy (actually I think it’s a simile? It is if I put “like” in there…I know grammar a little better than music theory, not a whole lot more! 😉 …”Like a finger pointing at the Moon. Don’t miss the Moon by focusing on the finger. (paraphrased, obviously)

• Now, All that is, is Now. I don’t “strive to not-strive”, the Dharma/Dhamma is “Everything” and ALL…all I do…though more accurately (infinitely more so accurate) and yet it is “effortless-effeort!” There is no ‘Buddhist’ or ‘concept of Dhamma’ or ‘subject and object’ to “practice, or “other beings to save…”
Chop wood, carry water.

Genuinely Connect with people, and demonstrate, share perspective, and purify Karma. There is “no where to go” to access Stream-Entry, or Bodhi. It’s always here, closer than your own nose…. I am able to Mentor those that are receptive (I was silent for the first 6 monte…no reason to share, nothing to add, nothing could remove, nothing could improve, and no way to relate the experience (Which is quite “similar” in how the Buddha reacted after Enlightenment, under the Bodhi Tree. I’m not saying it is the same, I’m saying I get that part of the story…I relate, I just… agh..beyond words (Eckhart Tolle also describes an experience of similar nature (Relating, Not Comparing…there’s a big difference!)

Then I went through a time where I felt compelled to share, a compassionate altruism, (The the analogy of the “Hand” not wanting to pull the thorn from the “foot”…thinking: “It’s not my problem!” Absurd, right? Exactly! I’m a hand, you’re a foot, you’re suffering, we’re part of the same body, I don’t think about “selfish” or “generous”, the hand JUST DOES IT! So I tried with Blogging, and this, and that…and realized, it wasn’t really working, (In case you haven’t noticed, I can’t explain a simple “About Me” without a lengthy discourse…) The Blog is more…”frustrating?” No, Limited, that’s it! It’s like trying to tie your shows without your hands….it seems absurd to even try and convey in writing, an experience of such weight, depth and breadth, to an audience that is random (So maybe a book, or something like that) until that effortlessly occurs, I “just do”…Just Be…whatever is in front of me, skillfully engage…or not. (It’s not really “an experience”…THIS HERE: ⬇ This is an experience (feeling, sensing, mind, object of mind, form, etc ,that’s “an experience.” Take that ALL AWAY….And it’s Emptiness, Infinite, Eternal, “The Primal Void”(a Black Hole, perhaps? Light cannot escape it…perhaps Black Holes are some remnant in the Universe of Buddhas?)
• And as I feet drawn to “share” anything possible, with whomever os Open… (with the aid of a mentor that is already there [which is partly what happened to me…plus the years of meditation and Dharma study probably helped] the progress is accelerated, significantly.[Which is why the Buddha guided so many to Enlightenment, 100s in his presence, and in the presence of those Enlightened in the Buddha’s presence…but it’s dwindled, although FAR from Gone!

So I do what is Here, Now, to access this Real Insight for All those that Seek. [The End.]

The rest was here from before. Before when? before Now…and yet, when is it here? Now! So it’s staying 🙂 (FYI: Any ‘spiritual teacher’ or whatever, that doesn’t laugh a lot, have a lot of bliss, not take things too seriously, laugh at oneself as much/more than anything…I would…I don’t know..it doesn’t compute! How can one take oneself so seriously, if one “see” that one is not “real”?!?! I don’t know? I can’t Not laugh at the humor in almost anything… (And also cry with ease…jus being, it flows, laughter, tears, gratitude, compassionate sobbing, etc. That’s my 17 cents worth of “wisdom”…Blessing ALL! _/\_

“The How of Happiness”, Tao, Ch’an, Zen, Documentary Filmmaker, Mindfulness-Physiologist,12-Step Worker (and Advocate, as well as an Advocate for Actual Psychoanalysis (not to be confused with Psychotherapy), Only: Here & Now: Awaken-to-Oneness, Inter-Connected: Digital Marketer, Video Producer, Public Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Blogger, Author, & Search Engine Marketer & Optimizer. Myers-Briggs: INFJ. My Abode:
Detroit, Royal Oak, MI, USA, EARTH, Dharmakaya • http://BuddhistInsight.Org
http://InsightOptimizedMarketing.Com •Twitter: @DharmamitraJeff • Facebook: Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani & “ShAring The Buddha-Dharma: Triratna Buddhist Community: Detroit-Royal Oak (on FB Pages)
Google Plus…Same name for Profile, “Buddhist Insight” for a Page, and a SEM/SEO Page on both…(That’s a “Right-Livelihood Business” [don’t be silly and think that “Digital Marketing” is in-and-to-itself something superficial… I help Buddhist Organizations, Non-Profits, and Ethical Businesses (They need SEO as much or MORE than the Big Companies!)


Transcendental Insight; Buddha’s Noble 8-Fold Path; Right-Vision & Transformation

Footprint of the Buddha. 1st century, Gandhara...

Footprint of the Buddha. 1st century, Gandhara, with depictions of the triratna and the Dharmacakra; The Triple Gems of Buddha, Dhamma, & Sangha, and the “Setting forth of the Turning of the Wheel of the Dhamma: The Buddha’s First Teaching of The path to Awakening…                  (Photo: Wikipedia)

PART 1: This “Dharma Transmission” or Buddha-Dharma, Buddhadhamma,

One of the issues mentioned is Buddhist Leadership, progress that is very recent ,and not actually in effect, which will take…no idea, but the more momentum, and mass a dynamic entity has, the more time it takes to change course. Inertia is considerable. Just as making progress in ethical practice, meditation practice, wisdom development… As with leadership, as with cultures, governments, societies, etc. The older the culture, the deeply ingrained these attribute lay, the longer changes takes to occur.

Change, and not just the constant variety, but the specific application, it’s afoot in the World, in the East, in the West. Jack Kornfield talks about moderating a meeting of “Buddhist Leaders” from all over the world, in his book “Transmission: Receiving the Living Wisdom of Spiritual Teachers”
Utterly profound! Unprecedented insight (with lowercase “i”) from the “Buddhist Leaders” of the modern World, and there’s nothing life it, perspective that, regardless of the previous “inner-faith” and Inter-Faith” world assemblies, this last one…I don’t have the words. (Either did the Dalai Lama, he was blown away, as was everyone, addressing cultural, sexual, and gender issues. Leaders of Theravadin, Mahayana, & Vjajrayana Ethnic Buddhist Countries are looking to Western Buddhist for guidance. That’s not something often heard (although certainly not a new idea from the Western perspective.)

May ALL Be Well! 🙏💚🌏 If that doesn’t interest you, then recall the Udāna in the Pāli Canon:

“Pay no attention to the faults of others, things done or left undone by others. Consider only what by oneself is done or left undone.” ~ The Buddha

____________________________________________Part 2 started as a reply to another blogger…the relevance transcends the specific context. Furthermore, although not within the context, the essence of True Dharma, Dhamma, of the context is quite evident {See footnote …why are the “technical” terms in Pāli?) (the message was catered to the recipient.)

Reply Summary: ‘Sometimes change is immediate, a quantum leap…

I hear and understand your point, well stated and received, as to the capacity of “change,” specifically as it relates to, or on the level of “sammā-diṭṭhi,” ≈ “Right” or “Perfect-Vision” (perhaps the translation preferred by some, myself included of “sammā” as used in “sammā-sambodhi” ≈ “Perfect Enlightenment,” more accurate, applicable and befitting of the “Noble, Transcendental 8-Fold Path, a process, more cyclical than linear, starting and ‘ending’ with “sammā-diṭṭhi” “Perfect-View” and “Perfect-Vision”), or “Transcendental Insight”… I have used, and still use, the precisely same terminology; specifically the phenomenon of a “quantum leap” in attempts to relate the affect of “Transcendental Insight” upon which is truly analogous to the phenomena observed within the mechanics of ‘Physics;’ the most commonly familiar example in ‘Chemistry’ the spacial-temporal actions of electrons, from which the term “Quantum Leap” was/is first applied.

That just may be one, long, and grammatically correct, sentence in attempt to accurately convey the complex nuances of precise language. “Accuracy in narration” is ‘merely’ a step beyond “not lying” in the Broad spectrum of “Perfect Speech.” It gets easier, more natural with practice and application. (I have only two years of experience communicating from/with the experience of “Transcendental Insight” (the first six months of which, no true attempt was made to even attempt communicating) and directly pertains to why blogging is not the preferred method of communicating, as far as my experience has evolved.

Basically, yeah, I am intimately familiar with “quantum leaps” in change of understanding, view and/or paradigm. That said, the Noble 8-Fold Path is broken in various applications, the one that I am referring to is known as the “Path of Vision and Transformation.” The eight limbs are seen are aspects relating to the often experienced and somewhat confusing phenomenon of “Vision”, which relates to the first Limb of the Path, and only the first. This aspect of “Perfect-Vision” and “Insight” is very much applicable to a “quantum leap” in change.

However, the remaining seven Limbs of the Path are the “Transformation” aspects, which besides being a common occurrence in ‘Buddhist Practitioners’ as a rather prolonged, argues process, is elaborated upon repeatedly by the Buddha in Pāli Canon, the definitive explanation rests in Insight into the law of “Paticcasamuppāda,” and can be “understood” to lesser, yet more accessible degree from Saṁskhāras, or the Pāli : “Sankhārās” a term often misunderstood because of various different  meanings, literal translation means: “Preparations” or “Set-up”   (Samyutta Nikāya XXII, 56, 79)
These  “Karma-Formations” are Volitional, or Acts of Will, Connected with Different Mental States, either Skillful or Unskillful (Traditional Buddhist Texts do not have the sense of Good & Bad, Skillful Acts of Will are the act committed from the mental states of Love, Generosity and Mindfulness, where as Unskillful Acts of Will are dominated by mental states of Greed, Ill-Will, and Delusion,  (Actions of Will consist of Acts of Body, Mind & Speech) So, just because one “onlythought it, or said it, is still a Karmic Action (Although the impact, or Vipāka, is not necessarily the same; saying, or thinking it, is an action!)  Habit Energy” or “Karmic Momentum” may not be the best “technical” translation, but might be a useful way of understanding, from the Western paradigm.

Simply put, one can experience the “quantum leap” of change (the Vision element) and still have a lot of karmic fruition and tendencies to Transform, which does take time. That is the nature of this world, a “conditioned existence”…”this occurs because of those conditions”, and though the Insight into the “True Nature of Reality” arises, change is spontaneous and regressing from that Level of Insight is not going to occur,(Insight referring to Stream-Enterer and beyond) once the shift in moment occurs, the Insight “leaps” and stays there, but it can take a long time for the Insight to translate into the cessation of Karma-Vipāka, Karmic-Fruition (no more than seven lifetimes, according to Buddha-Dharma, Buddhadhamma Cosmology.

It may sound very ‘out-there’ to many people. I can’t speak on the full depth of Buddhist Cosmology, but I do know the “Direct Experience of Insight, and the influence of the “forward-pulling” momentum. As stated before, the Skillful Means just naturally flows, unlike before Stream-Entry, and the Going for Refuge, Tisarana, was considered “Tentative,” then “Effective” but now it “Real” and becoming Absolute, and  the effects are evident in every moment. The volition, the will to act is not a forced effort. I call it “Effortless-Effort.”

(Why all the “fancy lingo”? This is framed in Pāli, Theravadin, and is thus addressed in the language of recipient. Which is what/how the Buddha advised on Sharing, “teaching” bearing the Truth, the Dhamma (DharmaDhammacaria) in the local dialect, in terminology that is understood, received. A skilled teacher, more so, a skilled teacher with Transcendental Insight is a ‘beautiful thing!’ Real Insight, that can’t be ‘learned”…more effective teaching & communication skills, can be learned, practiced, improved. It is a Huge learning curve, much progress has been made, MUCH progress to go…Science background, as wells Medico-legal, is pretty noticeable ,and to some that’ll be useful. The point being: “Don’t miss the forest for the trees!

Some certainly will use “fancy words” and “try sounding intelligent” due to lack of real Insight, real wisdom to shed light…so will try to distract from that with the fancy lingo and big words. THEN there is the opposite phenomenon (Much Less Common, certainly, but that is a fairly accurate depiction of this situation. The intention to transmit as much Insight perspective, in a few ,simple, concise words, that are readily accessible. It is a lot harder than it sounds! The irony is NOT lost on me. The “me” that is (like all other “me’s and you’s“) an illusion.

(That’s the reason it’s explained and related directly to the context of the Pāli Canon, & Theravada (Which are Not synonymous, although commonly believed, the Theravadin Tradition is the only remaining School of Buddhism from the “orthodox” period of Buddhist History, but they do not “embrace” all the Pāli Canon, and other Schools “embrace,” utilize, integrate quite a lot of the Pāli Canon. It is, after all, the closest we have to the actual words of the Buddha, his life, his Teachings. Although many later text are framed as though being spoken by the Buddha, are certainly not actually spoken by the Buddha.

***That Does NOT imply that their value is less significant, just not historically accurate. It is well accepted by scholars, linguistic, semantic, syntax, etc analysis that the Pāli was altered in certain parts, manipulated, “Perspective altered” which is understandable given the time it was passed-down orally.

**That does not mean that it is “tainted” per se. Linguists have been able to determine what is, what is inconsistent, and that it is likely that much is the actual, or very close to the Buddha’s words. The efficacy of later Dharma Sutras and Tantras, as well as the variations in the Pāli Canon (as well as the Chinese, Korean, etc Canons) is, as always has been, Proven With Practice. The Dharma, Dhamma, Tantra is of a Scientific Method. The results are consistent when repeated by others, in different times and places, (under the Controlled Conditions), Repeat the Same Result. That is the nature and “basic definition” of “The Scientific Method” as well as the Buddha-Dharma. No Scientific of Linguistic Semantics need be feared or contribute to doubt, of any Buddhist. The Essence of the Truth is all contained in the Noble 8-Fold Path, and the Proof is in the results. If something is shown false, the spirit of the Dharma is to KNOW THE TRUTH, not to covet some “sacred” text.”The Message is not the message.” The Message is Path, & the Path is the Message.” That is nature of True Dharma, and the nature is LOVEL…BEAUTIFUL!!

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